Prisoner Bot Features

Easy and transparent server administration.

Welcome Pack

System for registering new players on the server. Once registered, the player gets a pre-defined item package.

Package registration

Intuitive web system that allows the registration of packages to be sold in the Discord integrated store.

Discord commands

Run commands directly on Discord to improve the players and server admin experience.

Virtual currency

Prisoner Bot creates a virtual currency that can be used to purchase items on Discord. The player will be able to earn coins per minute logged on the server or by killing other players. All values can be configured.

Rent a car system

"Car rental" system, allowing players to buy certain cars at a reduced price and limited time of use. The "rented" car is destroyed by the Bot every day at some specific time.

Cars and boats trading

Automatically trade cars and boats. It allows configure the value of each type of vehicle. The trade can be done in two places: at C2 safe zone, for cars, and A1 at the gas station at Fish Factory.

Server Management

Easy and transparent server administration.

Raid Alert

Notification system when !Raid command is executed. The server admin receives the location, the player and several information in real time on Discord.

Kill Alert

Every death will be sent in real time to Discord showing, on the map, who killed, who died, weapon used, the distance and some other information.

Admin Abuse

Prisoner Bot shows, on Discord, the commands executed by admins. Thus, the server is perceived by players as a safe and transparent environment.

Web Interface

Web Admin Dashboard

Prisoner Bot can be fully configured through an intuitive web dashboard that can be accessed from any device with internet access and a modern web browser.
Server monetization

VIP Management

The Bot manages all players who pay to receive any VIP package. It sends a VIP plan expiration reminder directly to the player’s Discord. You can define the VIP duration and its closure is fully automatic.
Store Management

All game items already registered

You don’t need to look for the command that drops the items. Prisoner Bot already has the list of registered items, you can pick it from the list.
Transparent administration

Credibility to grow

Get the players trust by showing, in real time, all the commands used by admin users.